Did you ever wish that you could sit back in your chair
and talk to your computer?

And in the very same moment have it type out what you said?

It is now a reality!
You don't have to break the bank doing it!
There are a few websites that permit you to do so.

I have selected one that I find useful.
The link is on down this page.

I have some photos below that give you tips on how to use it.
And some tips on how to use the text you spoke into existence.

The tips are not to insult anyone.
A lot of people have never learned how to use a few shortcuts
Some may not know how to make a few simple items.
Items that could make their life a little easier!

You will need a cheap microphone to plug into your computer.
Once it is plugged in, you are about ready to go.
High priced microphones give very little difference in performance.

The people who put these web sites online,
do so in the hopes of getting financial gain from this endeavor.

They offer ads that you may click on to buy whatever.
Most of the ads may be harmless.
But rather than click willy nilly, use a little caution.

It is possible that some scoundrel may have something
coming down into your computer that you did not figure on.

It could bring grief to you that you didn't expect.
My advice is . . . .

                    "Don't click on the ads!

Here are screen shots ( photos )
They show you how to get started with this.
The link to the web site in question is at the bottom of the page.

Name your Folder. Open your Folder. Double click on it.

Open your new text document.

Now that you have your text, right click in your new document.
Paste it into your document.

Simply Click in your document. Hold down one of your Ctrl keys
on the key board. You have two ( Control keys ) on your keyboard.

While holding down a Ctrl key you then touch the Letter V key.
This is the shortcut key for ( The Paste key ) control.

Your text has now been pasted into your document.

If you hold down one of your Ctrl keys
and touch the letter S key, the info is now saved.

These are short cuts that for one reason or another,
many people have never learned to use.

TIP:     If you speak slower than normal, you will have better success.
This thing is pretty good. However, it is not perfect.
Check your text every once in a while.
See that it is what you said or what you thought you said !

Here is the website you have seen enough above to get started with.